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Terms & Conditions

 Arizona Course Providers and Online Course Providers

In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities who require an accommodation to attend a live classroom class or take an online class must notify the school (Arizona Course Providers/Online Course Providers) at least 72 hours in advance, by telephoning (480) 949-1000 or (480) 220-5957, by emailing or by faxing the notification to (480) 949-1000.

Registrations for live classroom classes are taken on a first-come, first-served basis until all seats are filled, and payment must be received by Arizona Course Providers to reserve a seat.  For live classroom and online classes, all tuition/fees are due at registration, and all monies must be received in full by Arizona Course Providers/Online Course Providers prior to the student's start of the class.

After a student registers, a confirmation email will be sent.  By registering for classes, student agrees to opt-in to receive email communications from school.  Students are responsible for ensuring that or have been added to the student's safe senders' list.


Class offerings are subject to change.  No refunds are available due to student non-attendance at a one-time course offering or event, but school credit will be issued for another class, to be valid for two years from the date of original payment.  For non-attendance at a recurring class, school credit will be issued to be valid for two years from the date of original payment.  For online courses, students have two years from the date of payment to complete the class(es), after which time any tuition/fees which have been paid are forfeited.

Attention Online Students:  No refunds, partial refunds, or school credits are available for any online class or any portion of any online class.  We support Internet Explorer 9 and newer versions.  If you are using another browser or an electronic device, you are advised to check compatibility with your computer or mobile device by accessing one of our demo class(es) PRIOR TO making your purchase.

Live Classroom Classes:  No refunds, partial refunds, or school credits are available for any live classroom class where the student was in attendance or partially in attendance, or arrived too late to receive credit.  Partial credit is not available for any class. 

If a live classroom student is denied credit due to inattention, tardiness, disruptive behavior, texting, taking telephone calls during class, leaving the classroom other than at designated break times or otherwise not being present for the required amount of time, or for using an electronic device during class for anything other than note-taking or authorized in-class participation, all tuition and fees shall be forfeited by the student.  Partial credit is not available for any class.

Tuition and fees, as well as materials and materials costs (if applicable), are subject to change without notice.

Minimum class size requirements apply to live classroom classes. 

In the unlikely event that a class is cancelled or is no longer offered, a replacement class will be offered or school credit shall be given, at school’s option, to be valid for two years from the date of original payment. 

If a class is not available due to lack of an Internet connection, Internet server unavailability, an Act of God, weather conditions, power outages, police emergency, quarantine, terrorism, attack, vandalism, facility damage or construction, traffic, lack of electricity or other utilities, lack of habitable facilities, or for any other reason, a replacement class will be offered or school credit shall be issued, at school’s option, to be valid two years from the date of original payment. 

A duplicate certificate fee of $5.00 will be charged for emailing, faxing or mailing each duplicate certificate.  Online students, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on our web site, for information on how to print or view your certificates at no charge.

If a class cannot be held / taken / offered due to revocation of or expiration of school approval, administrator approval, instructor approval or course approval (excluding those courses identified as "Approval Pending"), a full refund will be given within 10 days and any unexpired school credits will be refunded within 30 days of the revocation/expiration date.  However, if approval is later reinstated, make-up classes shall be offered in lieu of a refund or a school credit shall be issued for an equivalent number of days beyond the school credit time limits stated elsewhere in this document.  In lieu of offering future classes, the school may, at the school's option, refund any existing credits to students who have provided the school with current, accurate contact information and such contact information is on file with school for said student.

JOB PLACEMENT INFORMATION ? Students are aware of and agree that Arizona Course Providers and Online Course Providers may provide placement information, including students’ contact information, to industry professionals, but understands that THE SCHOOLS DO NOT GUARANTEE JOB PLACEMENT nor do the schools imply that employment is available.

Although classes may discuss legal, regulatory, contractual, disclosure and related issues, student agrees that course content shall not be construed as legal advice, and liability is limited to the price paid for the class.